I’m done with this blog/journal. I’m so tired of writing about nothing.

Have you noticed the change in everyone’s moods on social media? It’s like at first, in the beginning of this lock-down, everyone was joking and having a good time, myself included. Now, people are taking a turn for the worse, mentally. You see way more political rants, like mine yesterday. I don’t like it. I refuse to go down that road. So the journal/blogging must stop for now. It only gets my blood boiling whenever I read the news.

Sorry that I couldn’t finish this until the end but this may go on for a very long time. And I don’t have enough money to keep that kind of wine supply stocked. Ha!

Time to focus my attention on family and the creation a new reality that is manageable and enjoyable. That reminds me, I need to cancel our family vacation up north this summer…pretty sure we don’t need that time together now. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


April 30, 2020


DAY 48 since school closed. Why am I still counting this one?

DAY 38 of “stay at home” order.

Very productive day! Work and school were accomplished. The girls were very well-behaved. Love days like this. It is especially great since it rained all day long. Looking forward to a warm and fun weekend!

Let’s talk about a new word that has developed during this pandemic. The word is covidiot. The Urban Dictionary defines a covidiot as “someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety. A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbors.” Today was filled with covidiot-sightings and most were in Lansing today.

Protesters descended upon the State Capitol today. Some were openly carrying weapons. There was even a video of a white girl with a black-faced mask on dancing on the Capitol steps. What is the education level of these people? When a protester entered the Capitol, a State Trooper took his or her temperature. What?! Social distancing rules were being broken. And why? They want their freedoms back.

I love being an American. I love the wide range of different cultures that live in this great country and learning about them. Growing up in a small town, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to other ethnicities, but I did learn that we need to love all humans because we are all created equal in the eyes of God. Don’t get me wrong, there is evil in this world. People tend to forget that there is a Devil. But back to my point, I love how we can protest in this country. I think it is great we have that right. Apparently, that freedom wasn’t taken away from the protesters in Lansing today.

I love how we can hop into a car and travel far beyond the horizon. Obviously, that freedom wasn’t taken away from the protesters in Lansing today.

To speak your mind. Some countries will stone you to death. But not the protesters in Lansing today. They have that freedom.

The right to bear arms. The protesters in Lansing didn’t lose that freedom.

The right to vote! You can still do that.

The right to act like a complete idiot. Yes, you can do that in America and today’s protesters in Lansing demonstrated the correct way of doing just that. Again, a freedom they didn’t lose.

The cool part of it all, I had the right to not protest in Lansing today, and yet, I respect the rights of others who did. I just happen to choose to live on the side of caution and stay home. My family means everything to me, and our health is my top priority.

Share your covidiot story at Lock Down Mama’s History Project:

Today’s summary:
• Unemployment claims at 1.26 million in the state since March 15.
• Farmers are reporting there are too many pigs and not enough ways to make them into pork. Perhaps we will see pigs fly.
• News is warning of a meat shortage coming very soon. Here’s a good squirrel stew recipe: Ha!!!!
• Went grocery shopping. Covidiots were there – not wearing masks, not staying six feet away and not following the directional arrows. No chicken. No cleaning products. No stick-butter.

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 41,379
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 7,267
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,789

No Motivation

April 29, 2020

No Motivation

DAY 47 since school closed.

DAY 37 of “stay at home” order.

No motivation to write. Sorry. Very busy day of trying to work and teach. Work, teach, wine, repeat!

Stop what you’re doing and hug someone. If no one is with you, then hug yourself.

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 40,399
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 7,159
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,670

Perfect Weather

April 28, 2020

Perfect Weather

DAY 46 since school closed.

DAY 36 of “stay at home” order.

Perfect weather today. Worked and played outside. All the buckets of life were filled. The “school bucket” was all about physical education today. It counts, right?

When everyday is “take your kid to work” day. Are you done yet, mom?

And now for some weird and funny stuff:
• No Joke: Tupac Shakur Needs Unemployment Benefit:
• Police department urges residents who have run out of toilet paper to stop calling 911:
• Parents Are Sharing Their Homeschool Fails And We Can’t Stop Laughing:
• Clueless White Guy Orders in Perfect Chinese, Shocks Patrons and Staff: (and now I want Chinese take-out)

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 39,262
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 7,012
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,567


April 27, 2020


DAY 45 since school closed.

DAY 35 of “stay at home” order.

One thing about this how coronavirus craziness, my resume is very well-rounded. I’ve added teacher, short-order cook, technology expert, Fight Club referee, personal assistant to multiple people at the same time, housekeeper and barista.

Today, I searched the internet for tips on how to cope with working from home with school-age children at home and your spouse working from home as well. I found nothing. For the first time ever, Professor Google failed me. There are several blogs and articles out there telling parents not to sweat it. Don’t do the homeschooling and that your mental health is more important. That’s not an option in this house. Why? Since we’ve lived through the Great Recession and now this, our retirement fully depends on how successful our children become. I’m kind of serious about this.

Already, I’m starting to “plant the seed” of having one of the girls build us a tiny house in their backyard later on in life. Just like 600 square feet with a view of the sunset. Not picky. So far Blondie has committed to taking care of us. Ha!

But how does one balance it all? You can’t really. You can just do the best you can do. For us, we base the homeschooling on the weather. If the sun is shining and it’s decent weather, we play outside for the rest of the day. Rainy days, we concentrate more on schoolwork and learning. The mornings are completely dedicated to our “day jobs.” We don’t have a set schedule. We tried that route and it was extremely stressful and it depleted the wine supply at a fast pace.

Look at it this way, you have until the end of August to have your kid(s) ready for the next year. Which means spending two to three days a week on education is completely fine.

What I have found helpful is to create daily buckets. I have three buckets: One bucket for work, one for the kids (school), and one for everything else. I figure out what the top three things that need to be done for each bucket during the day. Sometimes there’s more in the work bucket, sometimes there’s more in the “other” bucket. The whole process helps me keep stress to at least a manageable level and I feel like I accomplished something.

Just keep trying! I’m sure as soon as we figure this out, it will be time to go back into the office. 🙂

Today’s summary report:
• From what I’m reading, it seems when businesses open back up there are going to be a lot of mandatory safety measures. This may become expensive for small businesses who already are hurting.
• In Michigan, coronavirus hospital admissions have decreased by 32 percent in the past two weeks.
• The state is starting to report the number of coronavirus cases in nursing homes. Check it out at,9753,7-406-98163_98173-526911–,00.html. Hopefully the site stays up at the same web address. Sorry if it doesn’t.

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 38,210
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 6,908 (Oakland County Site)
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,407


April 26, 2020


DAY 44 since school closed.

DAY 34 of “stay at home” order.

Got nothing. Family day. Flew kites and refereed Fight Club throughout the day. Blah, blah, blah….

Today’s summary report:
• Tired of all this.

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 37,778
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: ??? Can’t report. Too many inaccuracies.
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,315

A-Hole Encounter

April 25, 2020

A-Hole Encounter

DAY 43 since school closed.

DAY 33 of “stay at home” order.

Weather was great today! Took the kids for a long walk to our community park. It’s a private park. You must have a key to access it. No one was there. So, the girls went wild while Butter and I played horseshoes. It was a nice break from our same daily routine. During our walk back home, we encountered an older gent walking his dog with a beer in hand. He decided to give us a brief education on how higher unemployment numbers increase the suicide rate. And his dog pooped right in front of us and he didn’t pick it up! Thanks a lot ASSHOLE! The rest of the journey home consisted of the question, “What is suicide?”

Now I have been dodging the “Mom, how do you get the baby out of your belly,” for the last few weeks, but the suicide one was something different. I went on to explain that sometimes people have a lot of sadness and it makes them sick. When that happens, sometimes they die. That was good enough for now. The girls were satisfied with the answer. I’m all about talking about feelings but talking about death and actually killing yourself with a four-year old is not appropriate in my viewpoint.

And don’t worry, I didn’t call the guy an asshole or anything. We were very sensitive that he might be going through a rough patch. We just said, “And we should pray for all those who have lost their jobs.”

That reminds me of a time when I was at Marshall’s. Oh, the good ol’days of going to Marshall’s to touch and feel all those fabulous things. Anyway, this lady went crazy on me in the checkout line. Not sure why. She called me every name in the book for absolutely no reason. Got right into my face. Total nut job! The employees were talking about calling 9-1-1. That’s how insane it was! I kept my composure the whole time. Did my deep breathing techniques and went to my happy place in my mind (tropical beach). When she was done, she was yelling, “Well! What do you have to say for yourself?” I finally broke down and said, “I’ll pray for you.” It always leaves people speechless.

Back to today. I went on a brief road trip to Target! It was AMAZING! Everyone was wearing masks and the checkout line was sanitized after every user. The best part…I found Extra Toasty Cheez-its!!!!! And I horded them. Bought four boxes. The extra bonus find was my chai tea. Then I arrived home to the most beautiful sunflowers on the front porch. I guess I have a secret admirer. Ha! Mama is happy! Life is good. God is good.

Today’s summary report:
• Suicide and unemployment go hand-in-hand. A brief article, by a professional, can be found here: For a great oral history read about men during the Great Depression check out The Forgotten Man:
• If you are passing a family with young children, please be courteous. Watch your language and your feeble-minded stats you just blurt out of your drunken mouth.
• I’m thankful for being a person who is very careful about what I say when I’m drunk. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
• Lots of boats are in the water today!
• Friends with second homes took off for the Up North.
• Had fun last night leaving messages of love for neighbors in driveways with chalk and on some lawns with glow sticks.
• Love our community! Everyone is keeping other’s spirits up by dropping off puzzles, wine, flowers, and other yummy drink concoctions. Truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love!

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 37,203
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 6,881
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,274

If you wish to help preserve history please go to and share your story.


April 24, 2020


DAY 42 since school closed.

DAY 32 of “stay at home” order.

It’s impossible to work from home with kids. The end.

Today’s summary report:
• Stay-at-home order now until May 15.
• You can golf, but with golf carts.
• You can visit your second home up north but a short-term rental.
• You can garden again.
• You must wear a mask when in public, but it won’t be enforced. Whatever.

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 36,641
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 6,810 (Oakland County website)
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 3,085


April 23, 2020


DAY 41 since school closed.

DAY 31 of “stay at home” order.

Last night, I had another crazy “COVID-19” dream. The aliens had encompassed the Earth with their spaceships. There was only one human being on the entire planet that could understand and speak to the impending, space invaders and that person was Blondie, our four-year old daughter. Yes, Blondie could speak fluent alien and translate for all the world to know that the aliens caused the COVID-19 pandemic. She also informed us that the aliens were surprised the Earthlings didn’t have a higher death rate and will now have to physically attack the Earth for her natural resources.

At that point in the dream I realized it was a dream and told myself to wake-up. I love Blondie, but there’s no way that Peppa Pig loving, British accent speaking, American girl could understand the aliens. “Mummy, I need a plaster cast.” Good bloody hell. Ha!

Saving the World!

Having dreams during this insane time is not unusual. Darling Dear has nightmares of loved ones being very sick. Since the pandemic started, the number of people searching on Google for answers to their crazy dreams has quadrupled. This makes me feel more “normal.” Reports suggest the dreams are caused by number of reasons: social distancing, anxiety, stress, and increase usage of alcohol and marijuana. People are sharing their dreams on social media. They range from something straight out of Hunger Games to attending a rave party.

So what kind of crazy dreams have you experienced? You can share them through Lock Down Mama’s History Project at

Today’s summary report:
• 24 percent of Michigan’s labor force is unemployed. That is Great DEPRESSION era numbers! Scares me more than the virus does.
• Why when I drink wine, I talk more sophisticated? With a wee bit of a British accent? So posh.
• There appears to be an uptick in the numbers. Some people are screaming conspiracy theories. There’s a lot of theories out there. Just ask Professor Google.
• The plot is set. There seems to be a political battle heating up in Michigan. The Republican majority lead Legislature is looking to reduce the Democratic Governor’s Executive Order privileges. Time for some popcorn!
• Some predict a longer stay-at-home order coming while others want a more rationalized re-opening of the state. Probably will find out next week.

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 35,291
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 6,634
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 2,977


April 22, 2020


DAY 40 since school closed.

DAY 30 of “stay at home” order.

Things I ponder about:
• Will I ever be able to return these library books?
• Will the library books be here when I can go to the library? Because I’m thinking they will be lost somewhere in the house FOREVER.
• Was this whole COVID-19 thing created by China to take over the world?
• Will the kids ever go back to school again?
• I wonder how my office is.
• Is this spring going to last forever like it did in 2019? Remember the month of June?
• Why can’t I grow things from a seed? A farmer, I am not.
• I need a bike.
• I would LOVE to take a nap.
• Thinking we don’t need that family vacation in August now.

Today’s summary report:
• It’s Wednesday. I spent the whole day thinking it was Tuesday. Oops!

The below numbers are according to news source WDIV:
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan: 33,966
• Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County: 6,321
• Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Michigan: 2,813

If you wish to help preserve history please go to and share your story.